Saturday, 19 March 2011

Why Oh Why

I was extremely upset to day to find out of a possible scam that happened yesterday in Oswestry. I cant believe that someone would claim to be doing a sponsored walk for a charity, and telling people that this person was driven to do this due to the loss of a sibling to an illness.

Well as I have experienced over the years Karma will indeed have a hand in the out come to this situation.

I would advise anyone in the future who is going to give to any charitable collectors to ask to see a) a document with the charity number on and 2) a Id card.

Rant Over

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  1. As one of the people that got caught out by the *replace swear with* "very naughty man", I have to say that I am also hoping that karma will kick him in the butt at some point in the very near future... Lovely blog by the way!